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The 450 documentary filmmakers, producers and programmers meeting in Munich June 23rd-25th 1999 under the auspices of the European Documentary Network (EDN) and the German Documentary Filmmaker’s Association (ag dok) having been provoked by the closing of the Afghan Film Studio and the threatened destruction of Afghanistan’s television archives by the Taleban authorities

    vigorously protest the restrictions on freedom of expression and film  production in Afghanistan

    call for the Afghan authorities to protect the audiovisuel archives of  that country which constitute an important part of the national heritage of  Afghnistan as well as the world.

    call upon International organizations including the United Nations and  UNESCO, as well as other national and international filmmakers organizations,  to promote the above mentioned demands.





Die 450 Dokumentarfilmer, -produzenten und Fernsehverantwortlichen, die sich in München vom 23.-25. 1999 auf dem Europäischen Dokumentarfilm & TV Kongress trafen, sind bestürzt über die Schließung des Afghanischen Film Studios und der drohenden Vernichtung des Film und Fernseharchives durch die Taleban und protestieren vehement gegen die Einschränkungen der Meinungsfreiheit  und der Filmproduktion in Afghanistan rufen die afghanischen Autoritäten dazu auf das audiovisuelle Archiv  ihres Landes, das einen wichtigen Teil des nationalen wie auch internationalen  Welterbes darstellt, zu beschützen rufen die internationalen Organisationen, darunter die United Nations und die UNESCO wie auch andere nationale und internationale Organistationen von Filmschaffenden dazu auf, die oben angeführten Forderungen zu unterstützen.

Munich, June 1999



Betreff.: One year !
Subject: One year !

Dear Wilma and Dieter.
The conference of documentary filmmakers (June 21/1999), was possible due to your selfless efforts. It can be said without a doubt that it helped in clearing the way for major changes to take place in Afghan cinema.

The following steps were taken in view of the decision that were agreed upon in the conference.

- Archives of the Afghan cinema were protected in response to the announcement by Taliban to destroy them. The announcement was delayed.

- The encouragement that we sought from the conference enabled us to establish an association of independent Afghan filmmakers. We have made plans for the association to work on. The problem faced by the association at the moment is the difficulty of obtaining registration from government of Pakistan.

- The association has made contacts with all the Afghans working in the field of cinema through out the world. They were encouraged to work under its umbrella.

- The first practical step will be taken this July 2000 when the association will start shooting its first feature film.

- We are considering to setup workshops which will help in understanding theoretical and practical documentary film making and also the analysis of problems faced by refugees especially women and children.

Dear colleagues, I am sure that a person possessing strong will is capable of overcoming the problems that he faces. The message of unity and coming out as a single voice was a great experience for me. I am thankful to you and all those filmmakers who understood and shared my views. I wish you all the best and success for days to come.

Sincerely yours Barmak.

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