Tue Steen Mueller, Jolanda Klarenbeek,  Ally Derks

Dear friends, hope you have recovered from the Congress. I hear many  positive reactions from people who took part and I like that very much  considering the big effort it was to make the whole thing.

I have said it before but will repeat it again and again: You did a  fantastic job, you two (and Sabine and the other as well) and it was pure  pleasure to work with you....

Tue Steen Mueller -Executive director EDN, Copenhagen


Alain Fux, Simone Stewens, Ikka  Vehkalahti, Chris Haws, Pat Ferns

Liebe Frau Kiener, lieber Herr Matzka, auch ich möchte mich bedanken für  den sehr freundlichen Empfang bei Ihrem Kongress. Es hat mir sehr viel  Spass gemacht, besonders die Pitching Session. Inzwischen haben sich  daraus sehr gute Kontakte zu Produzenten ergeben.

Alain Fux - MultiTémathiques GmbH - Planet - Munich


Wilma Kiener, Dieter Matzka, TV-Journalistin (r - l)


Ich möchte auch noch einmal  kurz meinen Dank für die sehr schöne Organisation dieser Tagung zum  Ausdruck bringen. Ich habe mich in München sehr wohl gefühlt und aus  vielen von den verschiedenen Vorträgen gelernt. Ich kann mir vorstellen,  wieviel Arbeit in der Konzeption und Organisation dieser Tagung steckt.  Hier gilt ja immer der alte Satz:"wenn man einen Organisator nicht  sieht, ist die Tagung gut. Wenn man ihn sieht, ist die Tagung  schlecht." Ich habe Dich insofern "nicht gesehen", was  wirklich nur als Kompliment anzusehen ist. Noch einmal vielen herzlichen  Dank für alles.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren - Westfälische Wilhelms  Universität Münster, Germany


Margarita  Seguy and Tue Steen Mueller


Nick Fraser, Diane Weyermann

...The congress, well it seemed to be a great success. Really. I want to  thank the two of you for your tremendous effort and fantastic work. It definitely exceeded everyone's expections - don't you think so?....

Diane Weyermann - Open Society Institution - New York


Dieter Matzka

Chris Haws, Jan Rofekamp, Yves Jeanneau,  Ally Derks, Margarita Seguy 

 This letter is to thank you for your contribution into the excellent  organisation of the European Documentary Film & TV Congress.

This conference which I was lucky to paricipate was the unprecedented  and meaningful European-wide event. It gave the opportunity for the  professionals involved in documentary making to get together to examine  what is going on with the documentaries, to explore the future tendencies  and to make one more step in understanding each other. Without any doubt  the Congress is extremely important input into the creating of open and  really sigbificant media society. I am glad that Munich, your great city,  took a leading part in this development and I am sure in the next  millenium the Congress will be one of the most meaningful world media  event.

I wish you a success in your activities and a grat future. Please, give  my thanks to all the parties, which supported you in organising the  Congress.

Vitaly Fedko - President/Senior producer CORONA FILMS - St. Petersburg,  Russia



Mandy  Jacobson, Siddiq Barmak, Roger Willemsen

Hi Dieter and Wilma: Did I ever get to thank  you again and congratulate you for a wonderful week...hope you recovered  feeling very proud of yourselves for it was quite a succesful week...shall  it become annual...?!@!

Mandy Jacobson - BOWERY PRODUCTIONS New York


Dear Wilma and Dieter, it was indeed a great congress  and that had to do a lot with all the energy and devotion you have put in it!

Hillie Molenaar - filmmaker - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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