Represented by: European Documentary Network (EDN) / AG DOK - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm Germany / Internationale Filmfest München GmbH

Place: Literaturhaus München, Salvatorplatz 1,

Time: June 23-25-1999

Working Languages: German / English (simultaneous translation provided)

Concept and Coordination:  Dieter Matzka, Dr. Wilma Kiener, Dreimühlenstr. 4, D-80469 München

Production and holding: Europäischer Dokumentarfilmkongress GBR

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Wednesday June 23 1999 - First Day: New Possibilities






Roger Willemsen - Moderation

Chairman - ag dok

Tue Steen Mueller - EDN

Dr. Herbert Huber - FFF Bayern

Ursula Sabathil - City of Munich - city council

Frèdèrique Westhoff - MEDIA II Bruxelles


"You Must Show How a Rose Smells"

Since the days of Flaherty experiment and innovation has been a vital part of the soul of the documentary genre. Today the documentary language very often appears in various hybrid forms. Is it possible to make clear definitions to distinguish documentaries from journalism and feature filmmaking?

A verbal & visual introduction to the current scene of the creative documentary.

Dr. Peter Zimmermann - House of the Documentary Film - Stuttgart (Germany)


Keynote Speeches

"The Documentary Renaissance"

Turun Celal Artunkal - Producer, Director - Paris

"Boom or Boomerang. The independent documentary in the age of television"

Hillie Molenaar - Producer - Netherlands


Opening Reception with sponsoring by ARRI Munich


Pitch Upside-Down

Next to the wellknown classic documentary strands the hybrid documentary forms and the many new theme channels have opened new market possibilitiesfor documentary producers.

In this reverse down version of the beloved and hated pitching sessions, commissioning editors from various public and private stations pitch their profiles to a selected panel of filmmakers. Moderator: Pat Ferns, Banff TV Festival.

Pat Ferns - Banff TV-Festival - Canada 

Alain Fux - PLANET - France/Germany/Italy/Poland

Claudia Tronnier - ZDF Das Kleine Fernsehspiel - Germany

Chris Haws - DISCOVERY - USA

Ikka Vehkalahti - YLE2 - Finland

Turun Celal Artunkal - Producer - France

Mandy Jacobson - Filmmaker - USA

Helga Reidemeister - Filmmaker - Germany

Christoph Hübner - Filmmaker - Germany

Pea Holmquist - Filmmaker - Sweden

Stefano Tealdi - Producer - Italy

David Haugland - Filmmaker - USA


Welcoming speech by the Minister of the Bavarian State Erwin Huber


As You Like It

Newest trends and themes of the international market.

What's in demand in respect to contents and form? What's the background for the decisions of the producers and distributors? Is there a place for the personal documentary? Market info and experience from MIPDOC, Sunny Side of the Doc, IDFA Forum are given by various experts in the field. 

Jan Rofekamp - FilmsTransit International - Canada

Yves Jeanneau - Produzent - France

Ally Derks - IDFA - Netherlands

Jolanda Klarenbeek - FORUM Amsterdam

Margarita Seguy - F For Film - France

Chris Haws - DISCOVERY - USA


Thursday June 24 1999 - Second Day: Strategies



Keynote Speech

IKKA Vehkalahti - commissioning editor YLE2 - Finland

Inventive and provocative ideas to keep and strengthen the independence of the documentary filmmaker.


Infotopia 2007 - the Documentary in the Digital Age

In one way the digital revolution opens promising new and global, multimediatic and interactive channels for communication. At the same time the globalisation might also turn into a centralisation of power. In which way will the future distribution and consumption of documentaries take place? Will the sociography of the audience change? Will the hierarchic relation between audience, filmmaker and tv channel become different? Is Independence utopia in this picture?

Christian Iseli - filmmaker - Switzerland

Cay C. Wesnigk - filmmaker - Germany


Fitness in a Jungle of Rights

The internationalisation of the documentary market demands a lot of legal know-how. How do the independent producers protect their rights in an extremely complicated, digital future? Who can assist in contract writing? In which way does the making of subsidiary production companies within the broadcasters influence the EU principles of free market across the borders?

Lawyers and experienced producers look into the world of international

rights in relation to copyright, production and distribution contracting.

Moderated by Roger Willemsen

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren - University Münster - Germany

Christlieb Klages - lawyer - Germany

Andreas Schardt - lawyer - Germany

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schwarz Media Business Akademie - Germany

Christian Füllgraf - lawyer - Germany

Parallel Programm

11.30-13.00 Workshop

European Documentary Festivals

Europe is full of festivals. Which are the main characteristics of the documentary film festivals? Are the festivals progressive and open-minded? Are the filmmakers shown respect or are the stars nowadays the curators and festival directors? Do festivals help the films distributionwise or are there more ghettos for the non-marketable films?

Directors and producers discuss with festival directors.

Organised by Tue Sten Müller - EDN - Copenhagen

Ally Derks - IDFA Amsterdam

Ilana Tsur - Docaviv - Israel

Galina Antoschewskaja - Festival St. Petersburg - Russia

Marcel Lozinsky - Filmemacher - Poland

Wolfgang Samlowski - Internationale Leipziger Filmwoche - Germany

14.30-15.00 Workshop

The Big Passion

In a handful of European countries feature length documentaries have returned to the cinemas. Success stories from countries like Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands will be studied. What did it take to create a policy in this field? Is there a common ground for a pan-European distribution initiative for documentaries in the cinemas?

Organised by Kerstin Hagrup - Filmkontakt Nord - Denmark

Mark Cosgrove - Kinobetreiber - UK

Werner Schweizer - Produzent - Switzerland

Francine Brücher - Swiss Film - Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Klaus Stanjek - Filmhochschule Potsdam - Germany

Jan Rofekamp - Films Transit - Canada


Documentary Royal

An important step to further the current popularity of the documentary film and tv programme would be to increase the promotion of the genre in the newspapers. Although several magazines now deal with the genre the discussions still remain within film buff circles. How can articles on documentary matters get a broader publicity? ... and what kind of articles, to whom? Could a stronger journalistic promotion for the European documentary be one of the possible tasks for the MEDIA III?

Margarita Seguy - F For Film - France

Frèdèrique Westhoff - MEDIA Distribution - Belgium

Kraft Wetzel - Journalist - Germany

Martin Baer - Filmemacher - Germany

Chris Haws - DISCOVERY - USA

Francine Brücher - Swiss Film - Switzerland

Stefan Reinecke - TAZ - Germany


Friday June 25 1999 - Third Day: Looking for Partners



Keynote Speech

Dr. Irene Wittek-Urdaneta - Regisseurin, DocIT - Italy

Inventive and provocative ideas to keep and strenghten the independence of the documentary filmmaker.


Human Rights or Shockumentaries

The history of documentary cinema is (also) the story about films and programmes that have been part of a fight against oppression and abuse of human rights. What are the prospects for documentaries continuing to be able to play that role in a world of market based commercial television? Do programmes that explain and discuss political conflicts or in other ways deal with human right issues reach the tv channels today? A discussion about contents and about what is politically possible to express today through documentary filmmaking.

Sponsored by Soros Documentary Fund.

Diane Weyermann - Soros Foundation New York - USA

Hillie Molenaar - Regisseurin, Produzentin - Netherlands

Mandy Jacobson - USA

Frédérique Westhoff - MEDIA Distribution - Belgium

Bojidar Manov - Universität Sofia - Bulgaria

Nick Fraser - Redakteur BBC - UK

Siddiqullah Barmak - ehemaliger Direktor von Afghan Film - Afghanistan

Andreas Hössli - Filmemacher - Switzerland

Parallel Programme

10.00 – 11.00 Workshop

Interactive Medias

Michael Vogt - Media Consultant - Germany

12.00 – 13.30 Workshop

Documentaries in Eastern and Central Europe  

Sponsored by Soros Documentary Fund

Comoderation by Roger Willemsen and Tue Steen Mueller - EDN

with Nehad Puhovsky, Saulius Berzinis, Galina Yevtushenkow, Maja Weiss


Independence is...

A normal prejudice is that documentarists are a bunch of individualists, while the market of documentary programmes is totally dominated by media sharks. Is that so? Creative collaborative efforts between independent filmmakers and players of the commercial market prove the opposite.

Succesful case studies in the field of development, production, distribution, screenings in theatres, promotion and training will be unfolded as well as the organisms that already work internationally for a stronger positioning of the documentary, like ag dok, EDN, IDA, Swissfilm, Filmkontakt Nord, MEDIA Promotion. On the agenda: Thousand and One channel - is there a possibility to found an independent channel?


One for the Future - Farewell Drink.


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