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The independent  documentary film - for the next hundret years

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The Congress Resolution and first result

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Der  unabhängige Dokumentarfilm - die nächsten hundert Jahre


Die Kongress -Resolution und erstes Ergebnis

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dieter matzka biografie

Participating at one  of the Flaherty seminars  in USA our collegue Günter Eisenhardt met Richard Leacock. Here his  message to the participants  of the Congress:

We got to really find out about the DVD, and start thinking about how we are going  to distribute things. I think we have a possibility, and maybe get the  business out of the clutches of the bankers. - I think I am going to become a revolutionary again.

I think now is the time to  experiment, and it's not going to cost us anything practically. And  therefore I am really very excited. So my message to my co-workers in  München is that for me this is perhaps the most exciting period in the  full history of cinema. With the new technologies, if we take proper  advantage of and use them properly, we will be free for the first time,  to make any kind of movies, - except special effects movies, even those  maybe, but I'm not interested in those -, but any kind of movies, not  just documentaries, the way we want, and with quality, and put them on  DVD, and distribute discs the way we want! And I think this is a very  exciting moment.

So good luck to everybody.



Munich, 23rd - 25th June 1999

After 100 years of the history of  film, and on the threshold of the new millennium, the time has come to  take a look at the future - as well as the present - situation of the  documentary film. What is the value, nowadays, of the personal and  artistic (as well as committed and subjective) viewpoint of reality?  What paths are left for the independent documentary film to take in an  age of global networks and television empires? Here is a summary of  different standpoints, which take stock of the situation:

About the Reality of Documentary  Filmmaking; Ways to Avoid and Escape the Levelling-Down Process. A Look  at the Future: „The Next 100 Years."



München, 23. - 25. Juni 1999

Unmittelbar vor der  Jahrtausendwende, nach 100 Jahren Filmgeschichte - ist ein Blick auf  Gegenwart und Zukunft des dokumentarischen Films notwendig. Welchen Wert  besitzt heutzutage der persönliche/künstlerische,  engagierte/ subjektive Blick auf die Wirklichkeit? Gibt es noch Wege für  den unabhängigen Dokumentarfilm in einer Zeit der globalen Vernetzung  der Fernsehmultis? Eine Zusammenfassung von Standpunkten, eine  Bestandsaufnahme - Zur Wirklichkeit des Dokumentarfilm-schaffens;  Auswege/Fluchtwege aus der Nivellierung: Ein Blick in die Zukunft „Die  nächsten 100 Jahre".